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    Welcome to the web site for the Town of Rye, Westchester County, New York!

    This new and updated web site, introduced in mid - 2009 to our community, is part of our Democracy Project in Rye Town – a project designed to help us both celebrate our 350th anniversary in 2010, and to encourage more citizen participation in our government. 
    We are determined to make Rye Town a model American community in every way, from increased voter participation in local elections, to lower taxes and more efficiently delivered services, to greater cohesion among our Town’s citizens, who live in two villages and three school districts.
    As part of that effort, we hope this web site turns into the ultimate community bulletin board for our Town, the first stop for our residents to find out what’s going on – where, and when.
    You will find links to key web sites that support our community, from governmental entities to recreation, from religious institutions to service clubs, from schools to Senior Citizens Centers.
    And of course you will find the links to and menus for all Town services, from our property tax records to instructions on how to get everything from a marriage license to a hunting license.
    Our aim is to make our Town government more accessible to our citizens.
    We welcome your suggestions, and if you are so inclined, your volunteer time. Just e-mail our Town’s Confidential Secretary, Bishop Nowotnik (at BNowotnik@TownofRyeNY.com), and you’ll hear directly from us.
    Joe Carvin
    Supervisor, Town of Rye

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